3 Things We Learned About the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football

Monday, August 18, 2014, the Washington Redskins hosted a prime-time Monday Night Football game against the Cleveland Browns.

The game featured two young, dynamic and former Heisman winning quarterbacks in Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel.

For Manziel, it was another chance to impress his coaching staff as well as the Cleveland faithful in hopes of beating out Brian Hoyer for the starting quartback gig.

Griffin III’s situation is a bit different, having flourished in his rookie season, only to tank last season after returning from a devastating knee injury.

Griffin III is undoubtedly the man in DC and with new head coach Jay Gruden leading the way, RG III looks to live up to the lofty expectations he set for himself in his first season.

Monday night also marked a return to FedEx Field for former Redskins’ offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, who now holds the same position for the Browns and looks to help Manziel flourish.

There were some positives and negatives in Washington’s performance. Below are three that stood out.


Ryan Kerrigan is a beast!

In case there was any question, Ryan Kerrigan’s two sacks on Monday night solidified his status as the Redskins anchor.

As Kerrigan goes, so goes the defense. Time-and-time again No. 91 has shown a propensity to be in the right place at the right time and whether it’s a tipped pass, interception or sack, he has knack for energizing the team with a game-changing play.

Now if only Brian Orakpo can follow his lead.


Washington’s goal line play calling needs some work…

Redskins - Griffin Morris - Getty Images

Was I the only one yelling at the television for a bootleg?

I almost got the feeling that Washington did not want to get Griffin III out in the open and exposed to a big hit during their four-play goal line flop.

I understand if you feel like running the ball gives you the best chance of scoring on the one-yard line, but for goodness sake switch it up!

A toss to Helu wouldn’t have hurt.

The Redskins have receiving options…

As much hype as Desean Jackson has gotten this off season–and rightfully so–Washington has some other legitimate threats to watch.

Defenses will have to decided who they want to focus on with speedsters Pierre Garcon and Jackson as the two marquee options, but Jordan Reed and Andre Roberts also pose threats as well.

As the first quarter ended, Griffin III hooked up with Roberts for a nice 49-yard strike, which we will hopefully see more of during the regular season.

Header photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

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