Redskins’ comeback to beat Bears 45-41

The Bears season took a turn for the worse as Jay Cutler; first choice QB was knocked out of the game with a groin injury.  Redskins’ offensive linesman Chris Baker sacked Cutler, making him the most sacked Bears QB since Jim Harbaugh.  Before limping off the field, Cutler was 3 for 8, with 28 yards, and he threw one interception.

Redskins defense were impressive in the game, as Brian Orakpo of the Redskins intercepted a pass intended for wide receive Alsho Jeffery, and returned for a 29 yards touchdown, putting the Redskins up 17-10.  Devin Hester pulled the Bears back into the game with a 81-yard punt return as they tied the game 17-17, but RG3 and the Redskins were back on top within minutes with a 24-17 lead before halftime, as RG3 connected with tight end, Jordan Dean for a 3-yard touchdown.

In total, RG3 threw for 298 yards and two touchdowns.  He was back in his running game; as he ran for 84 yards, and helped the Redskins to a 80-yard drive that ensure they beat the Bears.  RG3 had the support of his team, as they all came up big on Sunday.  The running game went well with Alfred Morris running for 95 yards and Helu running for 41 yards.  The other star of the night was Jordan Reed, the rookie tight end from Florida.  Reed had nine catches for 134 yards, and connected with RG3 for a touchdown late in the game.

The Redskins will be taking on Shanahan’s former team, the Denver Broncos on Sunday, and will be going into this game as an underdog.

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