Redskins defense perform poorly in 27-12 loss to Steelers


Photo by: Rich Kane/Icon SMI

The Steelers defense prevented RG3 from leading his team to victory, and did a great job keeping him at bay as they beat the Redskins 27 to 12, improving their record to 4-3. Going into Sundays game as the league’s leading rusher, and completing 70% of his passes in previous games, RG3 was limited to just 50% pass completion by the Steelers defense and only managed to run for just eight yards.

RG3 completed 16 of 34 passes for 177 yards, and only connected a two- yards touchdown pass to Santana Moss. The Steelers penetrated the Redskins defense early in the game as Big Ben Roethlisberger made his presence felt leading the Steelers to two touchdowns in the first four drives of the game. Former Redskins kicker Shawn Suisham came in and converted the field goals after both touchdowns. Roethlisberger threw for 222 yards, three touchdowns, and Jonathan Dwyer rushed for 107 yards in his second start in the league. The Steelers maintained the lead all of the game as they finished the first quarter leading 10-0, and increasing their lead to 20-6 at half time.

Although the Redskins lost, RG3 still had a decent game, but the Redskins offense was also to be blamed for not putting away the chances they had. The receivers dropped about nine passes, some of which would have lead to a touchdown. Sensational rookie Alfred Morris who had been the NFC leading rusher was held to only 59 yards on 13 carries, and as a team the Redskins had a shameful 86 yards rushing.

As the game proceeded in the horrible weather, the Redskins defense began to get frustrated leading to veteran corner-back DeAngelo Hall being ejected from the game as he berated the linesman. Hall was tangled up with Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders during a play, and the lines man threw a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct on Hall, leading to him taking off his helmet in frustration, and then continuously berating the official.

Hopefully the Redskins defense are able to make improvements as they host the Panthers next week. The Panthers have only managed to win just one game this season, but with the Redskins blowing chances recently, it is very uncertain how they will perform again the Panthers.

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