RG3 continues to dominate in Week 4


Photo by: Rich Kane/Icon SMI

Former Baltimore ravens kicker Billy Cundiff scored a 41-yard field goal with about seven seconds left in the Redskins game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, helping the Redskins win 24-22 on Sunday night. Since winning their opening game of the season against the New Orleans Saints, the Redskins lost two games to the Rams and the Bengals. Billy Cundiff initially had a horrible kicking game, missing a couple of field goal attempts, but luckily he was able to redeem himself with the last field goal, helping the Redskins snap their two games winning streak.

RG3 continued his superb performance in the season as he rushed for a touchdown, threw for 323 yards, and connected 26 of 35 passes. In defeat and in Victory, RG3 has continued to perform exceptionally well not just as a rookie, but also as one of the Top 5 QB’s in the league at the moment. In Sunday’s game, although sacked three times, he had no interceptions, and under his leadership the Redskins are currently the 4th highest scoring team in the league. Not to be left out, 6th round pick rookie running back from Florida Atlantic University Alfred Morris put up a good display rushing for his first 113-yards on 21 carries, making fifth in the league in rushing yards.

As the Bucs were down 21-6 in the third quarter, Bucs QB Josh Freeman threw deep passes, throwing a touchdown pass, and connecting 11 of 17 passes for 211 yards in the second half of the game. The downfield throws by Josh Freeman exposed the Redskins defense, and provided a boost for Freeman’s confidence, as he and the team in general performed better in the second half. Freeman managed to complete 13 of 22 passes for 88 yards in the first half and finished the game with 24 of 39 for 399 yards.
The Redskins will host the undefeated Atlanta Falcons on Sun October 7th at the FedEx field in Landover, Maryland.

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