Redskins Look to Break Losing Streak in Tampa Bay

If there is one thing the Redskins know how to do this season it’s allowing the other team points.  They have let every team they’ve played put up at least 30 points.  This astounding fact is only compounded by the information that they let the Bengals score almost 40 points this past week in the Redskins own stadium.  If they cannot get their defense into gear, they will need to rely on Robert Griffin III and a somewhat healthy offense to get them through Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Luckily for the Redskins, the Bucs offense this season is subpar at best.  They had plenty of opportunities this past Sunday to capitalize on turnovers against the Dallas Cowboys and just could not get the job done.  If Washington can make some minor adjustments to their secondary, they could shut down Vincent Jackson and leave quarterback Josh Freeman with little to no options.  This also goes for the Redskins defensive line.  They will need to dig down and stop rookie running back Doug Martin in week 4.

The Redskins can rest comfortably in the fact that they have a great new quarterback to lead the way for them in Griffin, too.  He has been looking great in the first three outings of the season, but cannot score enough points to keep up with how much their defense is letting get by them.  If he can stay the course and move the ball around enough to make big time plays, Washington could blow this game open and win big in the fourth week of the season.

Figuring out who your NFL picks will be this week between the Washington Redskins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will certainly be tough.  While the Redskins seem like a risky pick considering how many points they’ve allowed this season, they may be able to hold a Buccaneers offense that just can’t seem to get the ball moving.

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