RG3 Leads Redskins to Victory over New Orleans Saints


Photo by: FansTurn

On the road for his first NFL start, RG3 went over 352 yards passing and rushing combined, including an 88yd TD pass to Pierre Garcon, for one of the longest TD passes in recent Redskins history. He also connected 19 of 26 passes in what was a thrilling game watching the Rookie command the Redskins offense to a surprising 42-32 victory over the Saints.

Unlike Andrew Luck, Ryan Tannehill, and other rookie QB’s who played in the league today, the Baylor Heisman Trophy winner once again stood out as he did during the preseason games. RGIII went 6 for 6 in the first offensive drive for the Redskins which lead to a field goal, followed by an 82 yards touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon, who later left the game with a foot injury and did not return. Rookie RB, and sixth round pick from Atlantic, Alfred Morris, was surprisingly selected to start today’s game and rushed for 96 yards and had two touchdowns.

The Redskins will continue on the road next week as they visit the St. Louis Rams who lost 27-23 to the Detroit Lions today.

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