Washington Redskins Release Chris Cooley


Photo by: FansTurn

After eight seasons with the Redskins, they are surprisingly parting ways with one of FedEx field favorite Chris Cooley. After training section on Tuesday, the Tight End was informed of management’s decision that he would be release to make way for Fred Davis as the starting Redskins Tight End. According to various sources, Chris would prefer to be on a team that would guarantee him a starting TE position, but since the Coaching staff has decided to go with Fred Davis, they are forced to release Chris Cooley, or keep him if he takes a pay cut, and agrees to be the backup TE.

Since being a backup isn’t an option for Cooley, he has already hired an agent, and is currently searching for a team that would allow him be a starter. Although the announcement of his release may come as a surprise to many, it should not be, because the Redskins put a franchise on Fred Davis back in March, and the writing has been on the wall for Chris since then. It is actually more of a surprise that he did not start looking for a more suitable team earlier on.

Being one of the fans favorite, it will be sad to see Cooley in another uniform but hopefully the Redskins can work something out with him, but he has to be willing to take a paycut, and be the backup TE.

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