RG3 Redskins Outshines Andrew Luck and Colts


Photo by: FansTurn

The much talked about preseason game between the first and second round pick started out to be a punt fest, with RG3 throwing two long passes to Garcon that wasn’t complete. Chris Wilson and Steven Bowen had two good back-to-back defensive plays, sacking Andrew Luck twice in the last 4th and 3rd minute of the first quarter. Of the two Rookie QB’s, RG3 had a better 1st quarter, moving well, threw the ball more, and made good connection with Josh Morgan towards the end of the first quarter.

After a scoreless 1st quarter, the Redskins RG3 stepped up in the 2nd quarter starting the quarter with a nice play fake and connecting with Garcon for a 1st down. Alfred Morris continued with a run to the two-yard line and made an outstanding drive from there to the end zone for a touch down. When it was Luck’s turn to perform in the 2nd quarter, he completed a 1st down at the 41yard line to Reggie Wayne and attempted a deep throw the Reggie Wayne that was intercepted. The Colts made other drive attempts, but the Redskins defense was too strong to break through until Luck connected with Hilton for a touch down in the 8th minutes.

After many rushing plays by the Redskins, Hightower made a big play in his first carry of the preseason, running for about 30 yards to the five-yard line, and RG3 completed a pass to Santana Moss for a Touch Down. The first half ended 14-7, but of the both QB’s RG3 looked sharp and more comfortable for the most part. The Redskins as a team played better defensively and in offense, and owned the first half.

The second half started with the Redskins defense still proving hard to break through for the Colts offense, and saw London Fletcher almost sacking Andrew Luck, and hitting him hard. The Redskins offense also didn’t much with the ball, and the 3rd quarter was beginning to look dull for the fans like the 1st quarter until Rex Grossman came in for RG3 and was booed by the fans at the FedEx Field. Both defense played well in the 3rd quarter, but the Redskins defense stood out again, sacking the substitute QB (Chandler Harnish), twice in the quarter. Rex Grossman was fast to convert the boos by the fans into cheers, making a 4 for 4 52 yards drive and throwing a touch down pass to widen the Redskins lead to 23-7. The Redskins ran the ball well, passed well, had great defense, and have definitely made their presence felt in the 3rd quarter.

The 4th quarter started with the Colts having possession of the ball and after many drives, the relentless Redskins defense forcing a tackle that initially looked like a fumble as Colt’s Deji Karim tried running the ball for a 1st down, the call was overturned and the Colt’s settled for a field goal. Coming in for Redskins possession, Rex Grossman continued from where he left off, making good throws with great accuracy, and a touchdown pass to Briscoe. Not to be out-shined, the Colts offense made a good push for a touch down, with Darren Evans forcing the ball into the end zone. The Redskins brought in their 4th round pick 3rd QB Kirk Cousin’s, and their 3rd QB for the day, who had an ok game but not enough time to make his presence felt, as the Redskins Cruised to a 30-14 victory over the Colts.

Of both starting QB’s, RG3 had a slight edge over Andrew Luck, as he showed a great pocket presence, he moved very well with the ball, and took bold shots down the field. Andrew Luck also had a good performance, showing great mobility and strength. When both QB’s were taken out of the game, the Skins had a 14-10 lead, and Rex Grossman helped increase the lead sealing his position as the backup QB for the Redskins. Both QB’s will definitely have a great season and are expected to improve as they play weekly.

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