What do the Redskins have to do with Bounty-Gate?

With the initial reports on Friday saying that Gregg Williams and his defensive players with the New Orleans Saints paid each other for not just big hits, but hits that injured players and forced players to be taken off the field on carts, it was only a matter of time before the Washington Redskins became a target. The reason that the Washington Redskins are now being targeted is not because of a separate bounty system ran by the current team, but because of the potential for a similar bounty system having been in place when Gregg Williams was the defensive coordinator of the Washington Redskins prior to leaving for the New Orleans Saints. Just like the saying, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, well that’s the case here. Not only are the Redskins being investigated for the bounty system they had a few years ago, but Tony Dungy is also blaming the Redskins, who at the time had Gregg Williams as their defensive coordinator, for the start of Peyton Mannings problems with his neck.

Not much has come out in regards to how detailed the Washington Redskins bounty system was under Gregg Williams, or if Jim Zorn or Dan Snyder even knew it existed, but the evidence has leaked and it has been made apparent that players did, at the very least, have side bets for making significant plays. However, it has yet to be reported if money was paid for hits that injured players during Gregg Williams years as the Washington Redskins defensive coordinator.

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