Redskins Lose in Overtime to Cowboys

On November 20, 2011, the disappointing Redskins gave their home fans a well played game, but squandered their chances of upsetting the Cowboys by missing a field goal in overtime. Following their missed field goal attempt, the Cowboys had a drive of their own which ended in a walk off field goal by Bailey. However, in light of the recent struggles by the Washington Redskins, a close game against a division rival is a pleasant surprise.

Again, the Redskins weren’t able to establish any form of a ground attack, and Grossman was forced to air it out 38 times, but completed 25 of them and only threw one interception. But the defense, which has been playing well so far this season, let Tony Romo have his way out there, as he threw 3 touchdowns, no interceptions, and had 292 yards through the air. It would have been great to see the Redskins pull out a victory, but the Redskins are now faced with another lost season.

Next week the Redskins play the Seattle Seahawks in what is a game that the Redskins should consider “winable”. Keep reading this Washington Redskins blog for all the news regarding the Redskins.

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