Washington Held Scoreless in 0-23 Defeat

The Redskins traveled to Buffalo on October 30, 2011 to battle the Buffalo Bills in John Becks second game as a starter for the Washington Redskins. However, the next day Redskins fans were saying that Grossman needs to be given the starting position back and given another chance. Before I go into the details regarding the game, let me just say that is why the fans are fans, and the coaches are the coaches, and John Beck will remain the starter for the next week against the 49ers, but that doesn’t include any guarantees that he will finish the game. Moving on from that, let me briefly summarize the brutal loss the Redskins had on Sunday.

The Redskins went 60 minutes without scoring a point, only gaining 26 rushing yards on 12 carries, and committing 3 turnovers (all from Beck). Meanwhile Fred Jackson had his way with the Redskins by rushing for 120 yards on 26 carries, and adding 3 receptions for 74 yards to that. It was the Bills in control all game, and they never relented. The one good thing to note is that in the absence of Santana Moss, Fred Davis stepped up by catching 8 balls for 94 yards.

Next week the Redskins will play the 49ers in an extremely tough matchup in every aspect for the Redskins. Keep up with this Washington Redskins blog for all the Redskins news regarding the 2011 season.

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