Redskins Lose to the Eagles, and Lose First Place

The Redskins gained sole possession of first place in the NFC East during their bye week, and their first game following the bye, they lose 13-20 to the Eagles and forfeit first place to the Giants. The Redskins will have a chance to tie the Giants again next week, as the Giants have their bye week, but that will require the Redskins to travel to Carolina with their new starting QB, John Beck, and beat the 1-5 Panthers. However, after an ugly game against the Eagles, optimism in DC has faded, and the terms: rebuilding, development year, and transition year have been used by the media too many times to count.

The Redskins started this game by giving up 20 unanswered points, and they were never able to recover. The worst part of the game was Rex Grossman and his horrendous 4-interception performance. He completed only 9 of his 22 attempts, and had zero touchdown passes in addition to all that. He was pulled in the 4th quarter, and John Beck gave the Redskins a chance by driving the field and scoring on a 2-yard run in order to put the Redskins within one touchdown. But it was too late, the Redskins weren’t able to get the ball back, and the game ended with Michael Vick taking a knee. But don’t expect to see Grossman back as starter unless Beck gets hurt, or is completely unable to play at the professional level for an extended period of time. Get ready to see some ups and downs, and let’s just hope the defense can keep this team competitive.

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